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Caffe Perfetto Classico Capsules Machine 1 Pcs wap

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¥ 990.00 1
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Automatic capsules machine,nespresso compatible.Power 1850w. 235CMx120CMX235CM. 1 Free Assorted Coffee Capsules Gift Box with every coffee machine purchase valued at ¥ 125.

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This is to certify that the product(s) identified on this warranty is free of defects in materials and workmanship, and the user is entitled to this warranty subject to the terms and conditions listed below:

1.This warranty is in lien of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and of all other obligations on our part. No representative or other person is authorized or permitted to make any warranty or assume for this company any liability not strictly in accordance with the foregoing.

2.Warranty period for all products is one year from the date of purchase. Obligation under this warranty shall be limited to the “original purchaser”, and at our option to repair or replace free of charge. Any defective component parts will belong to our company.

3.Within the warranty period, provision of free parts and free repairing will be within the limits of that repairing must be rendered by our company. Any repairing or modification to the product by other persons or parties will make this warranty void. All related responsibilities will be borne by the “original purchase”

4.Any defect caused by misuse, negligence, wrong power supply voltage, repaired or modified by unauthorized personnel, accident, fire, flood, natural calamity or other events beyond our control will make this warranty void. Our company will not take any responsibility.

5.In any case of lack of inventory, your defected product may be replaced by same model while different colors.

6.This warranty will case and and become void immediately for the product of which the model number or serial number has been removed or altered, or when any alteration has been made on this warranty certificate.

7.All data stated on this warranty certificate, such as model number and serial number, etc. are registered according to customer’s self-declaration. If there is any uncertainty found afterwards, our company will have the right to amend or terminate the validity of this warranty.

8.The rights of issue and cease of this warranty belong to our company, for any uncertain or doubtful occasion, after examination, our company has the right to refuse the issue of or to cease this warranty.

9.For small or portable appliance, customers will be requested to bring the product to and from our service center whenever service is required according to company policy.

10.This warranty certificate is only valid in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

11.This warranty certificate is not transferable.

12.The above terms and conditions are subject to change by our company without giving prior notice to the users.

13.The Chinese version of this warranty certificate shall be used for reference purpose only. The English version of this warranty certificate is the governing version and shall prevail whenever there is any discrepancy between the English version and Chinese version.


















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