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Payment & Pricing

What type of payment is accepted?

We accept Cash, Union Pay , Visa , Master Card , AliPay , WeChat Wallet  and Direct Deposit. 

Direct Deposit is mainly used for customers outside the Shenzhen and Guangzhou Areas 

Which credit cards are accepted?

We accept Union Pay, Visa & MasterCard .

Do you have a swipe machine for payment with credit cards?

Yes. We can send a swipe machine with the driver to swipe your credit card on delivery, just select Swipe on the checkout payment options. 

Can I get a Fapiao?

Yes. Please specify in the checkout instructions that you will require a Fapiao and advise the following :

The relevant Company name in Chinese including  Registred Tax Identifictaion Number  

Please Note : We require all this infomrtaion before we can issue a Fapaio . To provide details please write in the instructions section when you are about to checkout your order . Our customer service staff will then folow uo with you before issuing the FaPaio .

If you require an invoice or purchase history report to keep track of your expenditure please let us know and we can help .


I have a question on my charges

Please emails us at info@nogogo.cn or call us 0755-266 72080 with any questions regarding your payment. 

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Shipping & Delivery

How much will shipping cost?

These rates are applicable for areas outside of Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Nogogo Online Groceries generally uses SF Express as their chosen courier company. However customers have the right to choose different courier companies to have their goods delivered. Our customer service staff can advise other options if you require.

Please note SF Express & other courier companies are forbidden from transporting liquids and some powdered products via air. These goods can only be transported via rail or vehicle.

As in the case of refrigerated or perishable goods, Nogogo Online Groceries will advise the customer and can pack the products for transport as best as possible, but cannot guarantee or take liability for these goods if they are received in a substandard state due to temperature control issues.

 As for dry and non perishable goods Nogogo Online Groceries guarantee 100% it's products shall be received in perfect condition.

Most good in general will arrive within 24-48 hours depending on the location the goods are being sent to. Nogogo Online Groceries Customer Service Staff shall advise the approximate times prior to dispatch of the goods. Nogogo Online Groceries shall provide the customer with all relevant details and tracking number.

Goods that are sent via SF Express are charged at the following rates, calculated as the gross weight of goods purchased:

Nogogo Online groceries will absorb 1kg of freight costs per 100RMB spend:

400RMB first 4kg free and then charged at rate per kg dependant on destination,

500RMB first 5kg and so on.

Guangdong province : Generally free delivery unless total gross weight well exceeds total spend / freight ratio. For any excess weight fees the cost will be 8 RMB per kg.

Outside Guangdong province: Any excess freight fees will be charged at 12 RMB per kg.

Our customer service staff will advise you of any freight fees and have confirmation before your order is shipped from our warehouse.

If a customer prefers another company to deliver their goods, Nogogo Online Groceries can advise the transport costs accordingly.

There are missing items on my order

We do our best to ensure your order is delivered on time and that all products ordered are delivered. However if we do make a mistake and we do not ship a product that you ordered, we will be happy to send the product to you as quickly as possible. Just send us an email at info@nogogo.cn or call us 0755-26672080 and let us know which item is missing from your order so we can send it to you.

Missing Items , Wrong Products , Returns

Missing Or Wrong Items in Your Order : If you have any missing items or wrong items in your order please inform our drivers immediately when the goods are delivered , or contact our customer service staff via Live Chat , phone : 0755-26672080 , email : info@nogogo.cn or via our Official WeChat Account : lovenogogo. We will then either replace the goods or credit your account accordingly .Please Note : For these claims to be processed and accepted we need to be notified within 24-48 hours of you receiving your delivery . If claims are lodged outside the above prescribed time frame Nogogo Online Groceries cannot guarantee the claim will be validated .Not happy? Send it backAt Nogogo Online Groceries, we want you to be 100% satisfied with our products and services 100% of the time.*We guarantee that quantity is correct, when you receive your goods, please check with our driver to ensure your order is correct.*We guarantee that the received goods are in good condition and undamaged in any way. If you find any damage on the package or damaged product when you receive your order, please refuse to receive goods on the spot. Then call our customer service team to discuss how to correct this issue.. We will refund money or add a credit into your account within 1 business day ..*If you find any product that is bad or rotten, please contact our customer service and will be ask you to send us some photos of the damaged product. After we investigate, we will refund the relevant monies, as a credit into your account or add the corresponding products into your next order.Please Note : We require images of the product in question as well as an explanation so we can follow up accordingly with our Quality Assurance procedures . All claims must be made within 48 hours of receiving the goods , otherwise Nogogo online Groceries cannot 100% guarantee the quality of the goods delivered . In some cases we understand that some customers may not intend to use their goods immediately . On these occasions we can accept returns and or refunds up to but no more than 72 hours after the goods have been delivered to the customer .After this time period Nogogo Online Groceries cannot guarantee and or may not take responsibility for the goods in question.

When will my order ship?

When you place an order, during the checkout you will have an option to specify on which day and time you want the order delivered. Your order will arrive within the time window selected during checkout.

Has my order shipped?

If you would like to know the status of your order just send us an email at info@nogogo.cn or call us 0755-26672080 and ask us about your order status.

My order never arrived

On rare occasions your order may not arrive for a number of unforeseen circumstances. If this happens to you, we will do our best to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. Please let us know by email at info@nogogo.cn or call us 0755-26672080 and let us know that you did not receive your order so we can look into it. 

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My Account

How do I create an account?

Click on Register Here on the top right corner of our site

Fill in the required fields

Click Submit

How do I edit my account information?

When logged into your account, click on My Account at the top right corner of the site. Change the details you wish to edit and click Submit. Your changes will be saved.

I forgot my password

Click on Forgot Password below the registration section on the top right corner of the site. Enter the email address you used when you registered your account and click Submit. Your password will be sent to that email account.

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General Questions

How do I find my product?

To find a product you can use the navigation menu on the left side of the site or you can type a specific product name or brand in the Quick Search field towards the top right side of the site.

How do I use a promotion code?

To use a promo code and get a discount on your order you just need to enter the code in the provided field during checkout. The field is located next to the payment options. Make sure to click on Check so that the promo code applies to the total of your order. 

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