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We love to satisfy your cravings for food from around the world!
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Do you crave pasta and tomato sauce for an Italian-style dinner? Or maybe you'd like some avocados to make guacamole?

How about cream cheese for your toast? We'll help you satisfy those cravings with hard-to-find products and by delivering anywhere in China.

How we got started

Our business actually started with a craving. One of us searched for a few products, which weren't sold in local markets. That was frustrating, but also made us wonder how many others had the same problem. Research gave us the answer: there were many, many others.

That's why we created nogogo, to fill a need for food products from Western markets and other cultures.

As the first online grocery store in Shenzhen, we enjoy serving the residents of this international city. Customers tell us they like the selection, the fast delivery and the convenience. They also like to request new products they crave.

What about you? Are we satisfying your food cravings? Contact us to suggest a product or let us know how you like the service!

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